All Aboard for Castlerea Railway Museum’s New Children’s Dress-up Box!

We recently received grateful support from Creative Ireland and Roscommon County Council to work with Scéal Heritage Consultancy to create a new Imaginative Play Box for Castlerea Railway Museum! Scéal Heritage, museum educational heritage consultants, have created  a specially tailored children’s interactive educational resource for the museum. Our new resource consists of an imaginative play/dress-up box for use by our younger visitors. This allows them to dress up and play with costumes and accessories to role play in our A55 diesel train carriage as the characters of train drivers, conductors, engineers, and passengers. The dress-up box has already been a great hit with visitors of all ages – why not visit and try it out?


A Virtual Visit!

We’re excited to launch our new website and a short video series focusing on the museum and its vast collection